Ohio Nursery Sues Walmart For Contamination

Ohio Nursery Sues Walmart For Contamination

Roemer Nursery in Madison Township, Ohio, sues Walmart for $5 million for groundwater contamination, reports The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer.

The lawsuit against Walmart was filed last week. Roemer management claims contaminated water from a nearby Walmart Supercenter is getting into its irrigation water supply. Ungers says she believes salt from winter snow removal was washed into a storm drainage system and migrated into the groundwater, contaminating the nursery’s main irrigation pond.


“Walmart is touting itself as a green company, but this is truly an environmental issue, and we’d like to see them walk the walk,” says Lisa Ungers, Roemer general manager. “We’re not against Walmart, but we wanted them to develop responsibly. They didn’t, and now we’re paying the price.”

Last July, Ungers told Greenhouse Grower the situation was so bleak Roemer Nursery might eventually be forced to close. Walmart, however, argued the cause of water contamination and subsequent plant loss could be the result of multiple sources–none of which Walmart caused.
Walmart spokeswoman Daphne Moore says the company is looking into the matter.. For more on this lawsuit, read the Plain Dealer article.

Roemer Nursery has more to say, as well. Check out its water contamination fact sheet on this case at RoemerNursery.com.