Proven Winners Helps Growers Inspire Their Customers

Proven Winners Helps Growers Inspire Their Customers

Proven Winners' Garden Idea book

In today’s retail environment, successful retailers know they need to inspire their customers to increase their sales. Grocery stores give away recipe books, while upscale clothing stores hold designer days. This is the retail model Proven Winners has followed for years when creating their Gardener’s Idea Book, and the goal is simple — to help inspire customers.


And best of all, with Proven Winners’ Gardener’s Idea Book mailing program, growers can put these books directly in their customers’ hands at almost no cost. Under the program, Proven Winners will provide the Gardener’s Idea Books at absolutely no cost; employers pay $0.50 to cover the postage to mail each book to the customers on their mailing lists when shipping within the continental U.S.

Aside from providing the 32-page, full color books, Proven Winners will also address and mail the books using a mailing list from the grower. Proven Winners also includes a customized message from your garden center on the book itself. Only 500 names are required to get started, and the mailing list will never be shared or used for any other purposes.

The Proven Winners Gardener’s Idea Book seeks to increase sales by encouraging growers’ customers to be creative and successful with gardening — or to be brave enough to try a new project that they wouldn’t have started otherwise.

Donna Rausch of 3D Greenhouses, Inc. in Mukwonago, Wis., has participated in the Gardener’s Idea Book mailing program for several years, and plans to do so again in 2013. “Our customers really like the book. They hang onto it all winter long, and then they bring it with them when they shop for plants in the spring,” Rausch says. “We also give out the books to customers in the store and during gardening workshops each season.”

Last year, over 600,000 Gardener’s Idea Books were sent to customers who were looking for inspiration. To participate in the 2013 mailing program, go to or call Proven Winners’ main office at 877-895-8138. A listing of plants that will be featured in the 2013 Gardener’s Idea Book is also available online.