Stepables Changing Up Look For 2011

Stepables Changing Up Look For 2011

Stepables Changing Up Look For 2011

Under A Foot Plant Company has updated the recognizable Stepables foot shape tag for 2011, and new, colorful signs and bench tape have been added to strengthen the visual impact of the brand on consumers.


Redesigned tags have two new features. First, the popular spokesperson for Stepables, the charismatic Happy Guy, is now fully dressed, as he had been naked for the last 10 years.

Secondly, a new, easy-to-understand, color-coded identification system has been designed on the tag and on POP signs to help consumers with their landscaping requirements. Match The Dot To Your Spot points out to consumers how to match the colored dots on their tags to the color-coded landscape application for each Stepables plant on the sign. The new system was designed to help consumers identify with the color-coded pictures, which will in turn, make it easier for them to Find The Right Plant For The Right Spot.

“It’s not about spending more money than everyone on earth for your trade show booths or tricky industry gimmicks, or even selling garden centers a notion that your brand is all powerful,” says Frances Hopkins, owner and CEO of Under A Foot Plant Company. “It is the overall ability to adapt in an ever-changing economy. It is being vigilant with innovative products and messaging that continues to open channels to connect directly with the consumer.”

Growers interested in producing Stepables next year are encouraged to contact Hopkins at 503-581-8915 or write her at [email protected].

Under A Foot Plant Company plans to widen its distribution over the next years, and it has openings in its network of growers that service independent and regional chains stores.

“It has always been my goal to be in every garden center in America–and beyond,” Hopkins says. “It has taken 10 years to solidify the brand with consumers and to build the right infrastructure in which we can expand the product line correctly.”

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