New Frontier Publishes Annual Report on the Cannabis Industry

New Frontier Publishes Annual Report on the Cannabis Industry

New Frontier Cannabis Industry Annual ReportCannabis investors, operators, producers, and researchers in more than 50 countries have turned to New Frontier Data for their business intelligence. New Frontier’s “Cannabis Industry Annual Report: 2017 Legal Marijuana Outlook,” available for download in either a full report or an executive summary, provides critical insights for these audiences in the following topics:
• National and state-level market sizing and revenue projections
• Federal and state regulatory policies
• Product and industry trends
• Developments in public markets
• Medical cannabis research and innovation
• Potential impact of the new administration
• Expansion of legalization into international markets

The 2017 Cannabis Industry Annual Report provides an up-to-date perspective on the growth and transformation of the legal cannabis industry. With elements including sales growth forecasts through 2025, analysis of the key trends shaping the industry’s evolution, and an exploration of the state-specific regulations that influence the performance of individual markets, the report leverages New Frontier Data’s advanced analytics, along with the breadth of newly available industry data, to deliver key insights into the latest realities and expansive possibilities of legalized cannabis.


Data from the report was compiled from government agencies, private companies, cannabis law reform advocates, and academic and medical institutions. Using the data, New Frontier Data developed a proprietary model for estimating the size of the legal cannabis industry, which is continually refined based on new data inputs, expansion of legalization into new markets, changes in state regulations, and other market-disrupting events.

The market growth projections in the report include both adult use and medical markets, and are focused exclusively on retail sales to medical patients and adult-use consumers. The projections do not include wholesale transactions between producers, processors, and retailers.

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