Pleasant View Gardens Taps Jaime LeFlem as New Sales Manager

Pleasant View Gardens Taps Jaime LeFlem as New Sales Manager

Jaime LeFlem, Pleasant View Gardens

Jaime LeFlem

Pleasant View Gardens, a Loudon, NH-based national supplier of young plant liners and finished plants to wholesale growers, garden centers, and landscapers, recently announced that it has hired Jaime LeFlem as the company’s Sales Manager: Finished/Retail-Ready. LeFlem’s comprehensive sales background provides him with the experience needed to play a key role in the development and execution of sales plans, driving of new business in the eastern U.S., and managing all aspects of the finished and garden-ready programs at Pleasant View.


Prior to joining Pleasant View, LeFlem was the sole proprietor of an insurance and financial services business, before taking the position of Sales and Leasing Client Advisor with Audi of Nashua.

“Jaime’s proven sales experience, his ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively, and his drive for success are all qualities that Pleasant View values,” says Andy Huntington, National Sales Manager of Pleasant View. “Jaime is exactly what our sales team needs, and I personally can’t wait to see what remarkable things he brings to our customers.”

“I have been fortunate to have been able to work for some great companies along the way in my career, and that is no different in my new role at Pleasant View Gardens,” LeFlem told the editors of Greenhouse Grower in a recent interview. “To be able to look your customer in the eye and let them know that what you are selling is the best of the best is key to me. I have been in the sales world for quite a few years now and have always taken time to step back and reflect on what is working, what is not working, and taken the necessary steps to drive change. Work hard and smart, not just hard!”

LeFlem also answered a few more questions for Greenhouse Grower.

Greenhouse Grower (GG): What are the biggest challenges this industry is currently facing? Conversely, what are some of the biggest opportunities on the horizon?

Jaime LeFlem: The biggest challenge I see is how to drive growth. What is apparent to me in my short time here is that the number of garden centers and nurseries is not growing. So a big challenge is, how do you achieve growth in a market that is not expanding. With that being said, there are opportunities in this industry. One of the keys is that the product here at Pleasant View Gardens continues to expand and progress, which in turn provides our customers with the products the end user desires. Opportunities in sales does not have to be a home run mentality. The products we provide can be used by so many different companies, big and small.

GG: Looking ahead, what role can you play in moving this industry forward?

LeFlem: The role I see for myself in moving this industry forward is just to ensure that we continue to build relationship bonds with not only our current customers, but every client that we meet with. I will strive to bring growth and positive impacts to the industry.

GG: If you weren’t in this profession, what would you be doing?

LeFlem: I would most likely be a full-time dad. I was fortunate to have been in that role for the past few years, and it was honestly the love for both the industry and the company that drew me away from being a full-time dad. When I interviewed here, I knew this was the place I wanted to end my career.