New Guide on Bee-Friendly Plants Available From Horticultural Research Institute

New Guide on Bee-Friendly Plants Available From Horticultural Research Institute

Plants Bees Like BestAmericanHort’s Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) has released “Plants Bees Like Best,” a new publication that provides research-based tree and shrub recommendations for supporting bee health. The resource is the most recent addition to the ongoing pollinator-health tools provided by HRI.

“The industry asked us for research-based plant recommendations for pollinator-supportive plants,” says Jennifer Gray, Research Administrator for AmericanHort. “We’re pleased to fill the need for that information in time for spring sales.”


HRI encourages green industry businesses to utilize the “Plants Bees Like Best” publication to educate and motivate their customers to purchase and plant pollinator-friendly materials. Developed by leading scientists at the University of Kentucky and based on research funded by HRI, this publication can help grower-retailers influence purchasing habits and connect their customers to a movement that benefits the environment — something the horticultural community has long strived to do.

Making customers feel good about their purchases has a powerful effect on buying decisions. Research shows that cause marketing not only catches the attention of shoppers, it encourages purchasing and turns customers into advocates for your business.

Pollinator health is an increasingly important cause for consumers in all demographics. Equipping industry businesses with tools to create awareness and showcase the important role horticulture plays in pollinator health is an example of how HRI provides value to the industry.

Resources in the toolkit include:
• Print-on-demand point-of-purchase signs, bench cards, and plant tags
• Sample communications timeline with best practice public relations ideas
• Sample social media messages and save-and-use graphics
• Save-and-use consumer flyer
• Best management practices guide for bee health in the horticultural industry

Growers can download a print-ready version of “Plants Trees Like Best” and other communications materials from HRI’s pollinator research website at Pollinator point-of-purchase materials can be viewed and ordered directly through the Garden Center Marketing website at

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