The Top 6 Merchandising Stories Of 2015

The Top 6 Merchandising Stories Of 2015

PP&L display_2015 CASTGarden retailers love gathering ideas of how to display and increase their sales through stellar visual merchandising. As a group, merchandising articles and galleries were the most popular stories this past year. Here are the top six that garden retailers read in 2015.

How To Display And Sell More Pumpkins


There are many ways to make your seasonal Halloween and pumpkin displays stand out from the crowd. Mark Sandstrum, one of the best garden retail general managers in the country and currently a retail consultant, offers his take on how a display can quickly catch the eye of your customers.

10 Things Farm Markets Can Learn From A Grocery Store

Today’s grocery stores bear little resemblance to grocery stores of our youth. They’ve evolved from florescent lights, dingy linoleum floors, and long lines at the check out into a food wonderland. Here are 10 ideas from a Columbus, OH-based Market District you can use in your own store.

6 Unique Display Ideas To Catch Your Customers’ Eyes

Whether it’s using vintage toys or old doors, there are plant and plant yard displays you can create that will make shoppers stop and stare as they’re walking through your nursery. Check out this slideshow of a few different ideas that might be worth trying at your store.

Break The Plant Bench Mold — 10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Vertical Merchandising

The garden retail industry’s default for displaying plants is to put them on benches. That helps shoppers reach them easily. But it can also create a confusing sea of plants when viewed en masse. Here are 10 great ways to break free from flat displays and raise them to new heights.

How The Garden Barn Nursery Uses Signage To Capture Their Customers’ Attention

Along with updating its logo, the Garden Barn Nursery is also using new in-store signage to give its customers a sneak peek at what’s ahead.

Fresh Holiday Ideas To Try In Your Store

From consumer flower shows to grower trials to garden centers across the country, Greenhouse Grower RETAILNG’s staff has gathered some new ideas you can adapt for your holiday displays. Most of these ideas emphasize our most important product, but one that is often overlooked during various holiday promotions: plants.