Rockwell Farms Introduces Ready-To-Pour Container Fertilizer

Rockwell Farms fertilizer display

Rockwell Farms has introduced Rockwell Farms Plant Food, a bottled liquid fertilizer that does not need to be diluted before use.


Always looking for ways to help the consumer succeeed, Jason Roseman of Rockwell Farms says the operation is also always looking for ways to get consumers to come back and buy more plants and flowers.

“We feel like fertilization is one of those things that can be very confusing,” Roseman says. “Not everyone does it, and not everyone knows what they’re supposed to do.” The solution: Rockwell Farms Plant Food.

The formulation is 150 ppm of a 20-10-20 fertilizer and is sold in 24-ounce bottles. Rockwell recommends that one bottle be used to fertilize 1.5- to 3-gallon outdoor plant and flower containers every 21 days. The product’s signage shows a young patio gardener pouring the bottled fertilizer on a windowbox with the tagline, “Just pour on your way out the door!”

With grocery stores as its biggest customer (excluding contract growing), Rockwell is targeting porch and patio gardening with this nutrition product, the same area that the grower focuses on in the live goods products it produces. A bottled fertilizer that doesn’t need diluting is a good pairing with this segment of the market.

“We feel like the consumer isn’t necessarily going to the grocery store for 606s, but they’re looking for that porch-and-patio-ready product for instant gratification,” Roseman says.

The first distribution of 72 bottles with display was into about 60 Lowe’s Foods stores in mid-April 2013. Roseman is also working on getting the product into the Food Lion chain, which has 1,300 stores.