Sedan Floral, Inc.

Sedan Floral, Inc.

City: Sedan, Kan.

Owner: Gary, Jonathan and Jeremy Cude



Environmentally controlled square footage: 661,804

Shade house square footage: 0

Field production square footage: 0

Number of offshore facilities: 0

Percentage of production space under permanent environmentally controlled structure devoted to each crop:

Ornamental bedding plants 55% 
Container perennials  15%
Vegetables   20%
Herbs  10%

Which stores do you serve? Independent garden centers, Ace Hardware, Tru-Value

Do you have any comments about the current state of health care or potential health care reform and its impact on your operation?
Health care costs are huge and represent a significant cost to our business. We do not want to offer less to our employees, but find it difficult at times when competing against other companies who may not care about health insurance for their workers.