What You Need To Know About DINKs

Dual Income No Kids (DINK) Young CoupleDINK is an acronym for “Dual Income, No Kids.” Marketers coined the term in the 1980s to describe childless couples. DINKs are quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing demographics that marketers are targeting. With no kids and higher-than-normal household incomes, DINKs tend to have money to spare, and that could mean more plant sales for you.

If you want to reach out to DINKs, you have to go them and make it convenient for them to access information about your product, according to Ryan Parton in “Marketing to DINKs Without Looking Like a DINK,” on RPCopywriting.com. That includes digital accessibility though smartphones and computers, as according to the article, DINKs spend 19 hours a week accessing content on their computers.


Here are a few characteristics of DINKs to keep in mind when marketing to them:
• DINKs may vary in ages, from young couples who haven’t started their family to those who choose not to have kids to older, empty-nester couples
• DINKs have more disposable income, making them a good target for luxury items
• DINKs are time-poor due to busy work schedules; on the other hand, some have a bit more leisure time than other couples, which means time to spend on gardening
• DINKs rarely worry about the price of a product
• DINKs access most of their information digitally.