4 Grower Tips For Success With Biocontrols

4 Grower Tips For Success With Biocontrols

Amblyseius cucumeris, image courtesy of Syngenta Bioline

Amblyseius cucumeris, image courtesy of Syngenta Bioline

Do you want to use biocontrols more effectively? Try out these four tips from growers who have successfully implemented biocontrol programs in their greenhouses.


Make Scouting A High Priority

“Growers must take a close look at their systems for scouting and evaluating their crops before they adopt Bioline or any biocontrol program. They have to know the progression. What was their pest situation last week or the week before? What do they predict it will be in the future? The more effort growers put into monitoring, the less money they will spend on bugs.”     -Dan Cahn, President, Syngenta Bioline

Collaborate With A Knowledgeable Advisor

“As expensive as beneficials are, I think having personal interaction with an advisor or sales representative helps people feel better about their purchase and more confident about the whole process. The support is always helpful.”     -Jason Szymanski, Lucas Greenhouses

Keep Compatibility In Mind

“When growers do need to spray because pest populations get too high, they need to make sure their sprays are compatible with the beneficial insects. In other words, you don’t want to knock down populations of good bugs and native beneficials.”     -Tim Flowers, Disney Horticulture

Think Prevention, Not Reaction

“The key to successful biocontrol is prevention, not reaction. You have to make releases before populations reach outbreak proportions. Once a pest gets abundant in the greenhouse, it is too late. You won’t get much suppression, or the biocontrol will take longer to work.”
-Raymond Cloyd, Kansas State University

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