4 New Disease Control Products

4 New Disease Control Products

OxiPhos_CMYKOxiPhos Bactericide/Fungicide

OxiPhos from BioSafe Systems is a dual mode of action bactericide/fungicide for use on greenhouse and nursery ornamentals and bedding plants. It is unique because it is systemic, but can be used throughout the growing season to prevent and control pathogens like downy mildew, pythium and phytophthora. OxiPhos increases plant health and is an excellent resistance management tool. For more information, visit the BioSafe Systems website.



Gemini_2pt5_galGemini 3.7S SC Herbicide

Gemini 3.7S SC from Everris is the only liquid, pre-emergent herbicide on the market today that features a selective combination of two commonly used active ingredients: prodiamine and isoxaben. The pre-mixed formulation provides greater broad-spectrum control to prevent more than 125 species of broadleaf and annual grasses. For more information, visit the Everris website.


Companion Boxes Tower 1Companion Biological Fungicide

Using active ingredient Bacillus subtilis (GB03), Companion biological fungicide from Growth Products prevents, controls and suppresses root and foliar disease, while reducing the risk that pathogens will develop a chemical resistance. It can be used alone or in rotation with chemical fungicides in all soil/soilless media. Companion biological fungicide keeps plants healthy while implementing effective and environmentally responsible disease management. For more information, visit the Growth Products website.


Strike Plus Container HRStrike Plus Fungicide

Strike Plus fungicide from OHP contains two active ingredients for dual modes of action, giving more broad-spectrum control of troublesome foliar diseases. It can be used both inside and outside and as a preventive or curative, if the rate is adjusted accordingly. Strike Plus contains triadimefon, the active ingredient in Strike 50 WDG fungicide, plus trifloxystrobin, the active ingredient in Compass O fungicide, in a wettable dispersible granule (WDG) formulation. The combination of a sterol inhibitor (triadimefon) and a strobilurin (trifloxystrobin), Strike Plus provides systemic and translaminar activity on many diseases, including powdery mildew, rusts, scab, black spot, leaf spots and downy mildew. For more information, visit the OHP website.