Emerald Coast Growers Constructs New Soil Facility

Emerald Coast Growers Constructs New Soil Facility

Emerald Coast Growers has constructed a new, consolidated soil mixing facility to increase efficiency and allow for easier custom blending by crop.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our media handling facilities,” says Josiah Raymer, head grower. “We decided on consolidating our soil facilities from three locations to one, which will allow us to increase the efficiency, consistency and flexibility of our mix production.”


The new facility, located at the company’s Milton, Fla., operation, utilizes two soil lines equipped with Kase soil feeders with agitators mounted on 16-inch by 18-foot and 16-inch by 24-foot soil-handling conveyors. They were designed with Kase fertilizer and Gladiator feeders for easy customization of both fertilizer and Perlite rates to specific crops’ needs. The two soil lines feed into Kase B-Line flat fillers.

“This facility will allow us to keep a tighter control on media consistency and allow us to custom blend mixes for specific crops,” says Raymer. “For example, we may mix a batch of media with increased drainage for a specific crop.”

An electric-controlled 19-foot long by 13-foot high overhead hoist system paired with a medium-duty trolley lets Emerald Coast Growers use 60-cubic-feet loose fill bags to load the 4-yard soil feeder. With it, Emerald Coast is streamlining labor and consolidating tray filling operations.

The new facility sits on 6,000 square feet and is equipped with two loading docks.

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