Four New Biocontrol Products For The Greenhouse

Four New Biocontrol Products For The Greenhouse

Nemasys Millenium Beneficial Nematodes from Becker Underwood

Nemasys And Millenium Beneficial Nematodes


Control fungus gnats, western flower thrips and shore flies with Nemasys and Millenium beneficial nematodes from Becker Underwood. The microscopic worms attack and kill targeted insects without affecting any other organisms. Within the infected insect, the beneficial nematodes continually reproduce and then spread out for long-term control. Used as a standalone program or in rotation with conventional insecticides, Nemasys and Millenium beneficial nematodes are extremely effective and important tools in any IPM program for resistance management, worker safety and environmental responsibility.

Flying Doctors Pollination And Protection

Flying Doctors from Biobest delivers bumblebee pollination and biological plant protection at the same time. It consists of a patented dispenser system that is available as a fully integrated option to the new standard bumblebee hive. The crop protection product, a microbial fungicide, is put in the tray of the hive. As the bumblebees leave their hive the product sticks to their legs and body. By doing their pollination work, they also transfer the microbial fungicide. As a result, they deliver both the pollen and the crop protection product on each flower they visit.

Aphid Guard Banker Plants

Aphid Guard banker plants from IPM Labs produce a constant supply of aphids, which in turn support continuous reproduction of aphid parasites and/or the aphid midge. Benefit by having reproducing parasites and predators that find and attack pest aphids as soon as they appear. You can also eliminate overnight freight costs for weekly shipments of natural enemies by maintaining them in-house. Aphid Guard consists of densely seeded young barley plants infested with the bird cherry-oat aphid, Rhopalosiphon padi. These aphids do not attack broad leaved plants.

Bioline Biological Controls

Syngenta’s Bioline biological control agents offer a broad portfolio of BCAs that can be used with traditional plant protection products for integrated crop management (ICM). Comprised of a diverse collection of beneficial insects, mites and nematodes, Bioline BCAs control damaging pests such as thrips, aphids, whiteflies, fungus gnats and mites. Bioline also includes two pheromones that can be used as important monitoring tools. Innovative packaging options ensure BCAs are properly stored and released in the most effective way and simplify how they are used.

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gwen smith says:

Hello, I just bought several hanging planters at a local store and they came with a hang tag that has a package that says syngenta/bioline. Is this a fertilizer? I don't want to assume anything and kill my plant. please let me know thanks – gwen

Robin Siktberg says:

Hi Gwen, It's not a fertilizer; Bioline is a line of biological control products (harmless to people) that help to control pests. The little packet is the container for whatever beneficial insect was used in that crop. They are most likely gone, but the grower forgot to remove the packets from the plants. – Robin Siktberg, Editor, Greenhouse Grower

Pat says:

My packet was not opened and has, from the feel of the packet, some granular material inside. Should I open it and sprinkle it on the Trailing Vinca that I purchased? Online information says not to apply in direct sunlight or on a wet surface. Should I wait til the soil dries out and cover the plant with newspaper or something before sprinkling it on? How much does one apply to a 10 inch diameter container. One website says it must be applied within 18 hours. Do the mites inside die after that period of time? All of this seems very strange to me..

Tia says:

I am confused I alos just bought hanging baskets with these packets… You had said to one other that the green house forgot to take these off? That is the confusing part.. I googled this and it is exactly that for pest etc.. But also read that this company and Monsanto have paired up.. Really I find that some what disturbing!!, WHY ARE THE PACKETS ON EVERY SINGLE PALNT I SAW AT COSTCO TODAY, sound a lil fishy to me…please reply?

Sarah O. says:

I too bought eight hanging plants this past week at a local discount retailer that had the Bioline/Syngenta packets hanging from each one. i thought they were fertilizer packets and I opening them and sprinkled the contents on my plants? Will the material that was in the packets hurt my plants? I had no idea they were packets containing beneficial insects! I can't believe there is no indication on the packets of what they are and what the consumer should do with them. I didn't really notice them until I got home, so I didn't ask the store attendant. 🙁

Doris P. says:

bought 3 hanging petunias and found the bioline Syngenta attached to the hanging pot. Should I discard these packets?

Debs says:

I there any harm in bringing these packages into our homes for insect control, like cluster flies?