John Henry Launching

John Henry Launching

The exciting news from the John Henry Company at OFA Short Course this year is a website it’s launching August 1 at The website will provide ideas, tips and advice to consumers.

John Henry is structuring the site on three pillars: collections, plants and reference.


For collections, consumers can search for plants based on various categories like butterfly plants, deer-resistant plants and more. The idea is to introduce consumers to hundreds, if not thousands, of plants they currently don’t know about.

The plants pillar gives the consumer the option to search for plants by color. Most consumers, of course, don’t know much about plants beyond which colors they like. So whether consumers are interested in oranges, purples, reds or yellows, they can search for their favorite color and be introduced to hundreds of colorful new plants for the first time. is particularly user friendly when searching for color because the site will show you a photograph for every plant in its database.

Reference material will also be available on the website, including tips, suggestions and general care ideas.

To spread the word about the site, can be part of a grower’s plant tags, signage, packaging and more.