Premier’s PRO-MIX Marketing Equates Healthy Soil with Healthy Plants

Premier’s PRO-MIX Marketing Equates Healthy Soil with Healthy Plants


Professional growers and experienced gardeners have known it for ages: the secret to healthy plants and ultimately, great gardens, begins with excellent soil. Now, that knowledge is being adopted more widely by the average home gardener.


To further that knowledge, Premier Tech Horticulture is promoting the idea of creating a $10 hole for a $1 plant using the eight growing mixes in the PRO-MIX line, formulated for a variety of gardening needs.

“We’ve developed a variety of soil solutions from organic growing mixes and potting mixes to specialized planting mixes,” says Chantal Duchesneau, marketing and communications director for Premier Tech Horticulture. “Most of the mixes include an all-natural ingredient, MycoActive, a form of mycorrhizae that stimulates a plant’s root system to take up more nutrients and water to improve health and growth.”

Two of the PRO-MIX products are:

PRO-MIX Ultimate Garden Mix, which is suitable for outdoor plants and vegetables, as well as conditioning flower beds. It’s enriched with MycoActive and plant food that feeds up to nine months.

PRO-MIX Ultimate Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix, which is a ready-to-use organic mix suitable for all vegetable and herb gardening needs. Organic fertilizer provides gradual feeding and MycoActive helps improve plant growth.

Other specialized mixes include Ultimate Potting Mix, Ultimate All Purpose, Ultimate Organic Seed Starting, Fortified Peat Moss, Orchid Mix, African Violet Mix and Cactus Mix.

“Whether it’s an orchid collection, a plot of tomatoes and basil, or a garden bed full of colorful annual flowers, we’ve developed a PRO-MIX growing mix to improve plants growing environment and help them thrive,” Duchesneau explains. “Our goal is, and has always been, to help gardeners grow their passion.”

For more information on the complete line of PRO-MIX growing mixes, visit the PRO-MIX web site.