Now Available

Now Available

•  Dow Agrosciences

Dow has received federal registration for Dimension 2EW, a new formulation of the widely used Dimension crabgrass preventer that can be sprayed over the top of field-grown nursery ornamentals and landscape ornamentals for preemergence control of more than 40 grassy and broadleaf weeds.


•  Phyton

Phyton-27 New Dimension bactericide and fungicide has been issued a California registration covering spray, low-volume, dip, drench and injection applications in the greenhouse, field or nursery, landscape and interiorscape. Phyton-27 New Dimension delivers broad spectrum control including: Botrytis, Cercospora, Cylindrocladium, Anthracnose, Black Spot, Powdery Mildew, Volutella, Alternaria, downy mildew, rust, Scab, Rhizoctonia, Phytophthora, Verticillium, Entomosporium, Pythium, Erwinia, Xanthomonas and Pseudomonas.

•  OHP

FenStop Fungicide received federal registration in late 2006 and is now gaining state registrations. FenStop provides exceptional control of downy mildew, aerial Phytophthora as well as the root disease complex of Pythium and Phytophthora.

•  Syngenta

A new addition to the Syngenta ornamental portfolio, Hurricane fungicide provides effective, easy control of all major root-rot diseases including Pythium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia. Hurricane provides both systemic and contact protection with two different modes of action and can be applied to the roots of plants by drenching using microjet, drip irrigation or with hydraulic systems. It can also be incorporated as a pre-potting media drench. By tank-mixing with Medallion fungicide, Hurricane can be enhanced to control stem diseases Thielaviopsis, Cylindrocladium and Sclerotium rolfsi. Hurricane is currently available in ready-to-use soluble bags to reduce errors and labor, and ensure ease of use. Syngenta provides e-learning modules for all of its products at

•  Scotts

Systemic fungicide Fungo has been renamed AllBan Flo, with an expanded label to include field, nursery, greenhouse, landscape and turf. AllBan provides control of most key ornamental diseases: leaf spots, Anthracnose, rusts, scabs, Black Root Rot, Thielaviopsis, Cylindrocladium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia. It has the flexibility of either foliar, dip or drench applications and can be mixed with other fungicides for greater convenience and effectiveness.

 •  Valent Professional Products

Distance Insect Growth Regulator now is registered for use on greenhouse-grown fruiting vegetables, including eggplant, groundcherry, pepino, pepper, tomatillo and tomato. Distance offers greenhouse growers whitefly, fungus gnat and shore fly control through its translaminar activity. When Distance is applied, it translocates to the underside of the leaves, stopping insects from feeding on the plant and eventually breaking the life cycle of these pests that plague greenhouses.

Additionally, Distance is a key resistance management tool that growers can use to rotate with other chemistries and incorporate into an integrated pest management program.