RootShield WP

RootShield WP

RootShield WP

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RootShield® WP is a new and improved formulation of the highly effective biological fungicide PlantShield® HC–with a water soluble carrier.  RootShield WP protects roots from the most common root diseases affecting greenhouse, nursery and vegetable crops.  The active ingredient, Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22 prevents Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Cylindrocladium and Thielaviopsis by blocking and actively attacking pathogens–”eating” them before they reach the root system.

The new RootShield WP makes mixing easier, with its water soluble carrier and virtually clay-free formulation to eliminate clogging.  Additionally, it has a broader label to encompass even more crops, and is labeled for field chemigation.

RootShield WP has a 0-hour REI and can lower growers’ costs by eliminating or reducing the need for chemical root fungicides, and saving material and labor costs of repetitive drenching.  One application provides up to 12 weeks of protection and costs less than 1 to 2 cents per 6-inch pot.  RootShield WP can be used in rotation with insecticides, rooting compounds, growth regulators, fertilizers and most fungicides.  RootShield WP is an excellent choice for sustainable programs.

Note:  RootShield WP is in the state registration approval process.  Visit to see a map of the states that have approved RootShield WP.

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