Managing Through The Peat Shortage [Special Report]

Managing Through The Peat Shortage [Special Report]

Managing Through The Peat Shortage [Special Report]

Peat ShortageThe Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association (CSPMA), whose members represent 95 percent of the North American peat production, indicates the peat harvest in Eastern Canada is only be 15 to 30 percent of historically targeted requirements this year. Here are some tips on managing your business through this historic shortage.


Managing Through The Peat Shortage [Webinar]
How are you planning to handle one of the greatest peat shortages of your lifetime? The best place to start is with horticultural soils and nutrition consultant Charles Bethke, who will help you deal with limited supplies of peat and guide you as you make the crop management adjustments needed to produce a successful crop.

Stretch Your Peat Supply
Caught short in the peat panic? Experts share tips on incorporating alternative components into your growing media to make it through the spring season.

Is Wood A Viable Media Component?
Peat moss isn’t going anywhere but growers are looking for options to supplement it. Is wood the answer?

Bark In Growing Mixes [Whitepaper]
Incorporation of bark in a blend supports physical structure, reduces shrinkage of blends when drying, and often provides disease suppression in a well-managed growing medium. Here’s a tutorial from Charles Bethke on how to best incorporate bark into your growing mixes.

Tips For Best Use Of Coir
The University of Florida’s Kimberly Moore shares how a coir product performed in trials compared to standard-blended sphagnum.

Coir In Growing Mixes [Whitepaper]
Improved Physical Structure, high aeration, improved water availability, increased pH stability and nutrient use efficiency are all reported benefits of using coir in mixes. Download this tutorial whitepaper for tips on how to best incorporate coir into your media mix.

How You Can Use Compost As A Substrate Additive
Matt Taylor, a Longwood Gardens horticulturist outlines the issues he’s encountered using compost in greenhouse production, including phytotoxicity and lack of uniformity, and how he’s overcome them.

Compost In Growing Mixes [Whitepaper]
When using compost in a greenhouse mix, its components and handling process need to be clearly defined. Use this advice from Charles Bethke while deciding if compost is a good media additive for you.

Components For Growing Mixes [Whitepaper]
An analysis of components available for use in growing mixes and how to best incorporate them when when altering blends.

Q&A: Charles Bethke Answers Your Questions
Is bark in short supply? What does “incubate a mix” mean? Charles Bethke weighs in on these questions and more that went unanswered during the Oct. 18 webinar.

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Advice For Managing Through The Peat Shortage