Novel Bee Pollination Possibilities Get Boost from New Partnership

Novel Bee Pollination Possibilities Get Boost from New Partnership

Bee Vectoring Technology BumblebeeBee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. (BVT) and Biobest Group NV are endeavoring on a global technology sharing agreement that enables both companies to accelerate efforts to bring bee vectoring solutions to growers worldwide. Bee vectoring systems use managed bee hives to efficiently deliver naturally derived plant treatment products for crop protection and enhancement while at the same time providing pollination of the target crop.

Through bee vectoring, a highly targeted application of natural plant treatment products can be efficiently and effectively delivered to the flower of a crop. According to Biobest, this practice can result in a marked reduction in over-sprays, water use, and overall handling, while at the same time effectively protecting the crop and thus increasing crop productivity. The goals are to provide growers with increased marketable yields, better crop protection, and a healthier natural solution that the consumers worldwide are demanding.


In a prepared news release, Jean-Marc Vandoorne, CEO of Biobest, stated: “Bee pollination is a crucial factor in global agriculture. Using commercially reared bumblebees for pollination, we’ve been able to profoundly transform the global horticultural industry by increasing productivity and generating a decisive push toward greater sustainability.”

Biobest has worked in collaboration with the research group of Professor Guy Smagghe to develop a bumblebee hive equipped with dispenser technology commercialized under the name Flying Doctors. It has brought fully registered solutions to market in Europe since 2013 and is in a rapid commercialization phase with initial focus in the U.S. market.