D.S. Cole Offers Energy-Saving Liners

D.S. Cole Offers Energy-Saving Liners

D.S. Cole Offers Energy-Saving Liners

Growers who are firing up their greenhouses later this season to reduce heating costs can take advantage of new energy-saving liners from D.S. Cole Growers.


“These liners have been potted into 2 ½-inch square, deep pots with an additional four weeks of growth to allow growers to avoid a month of greenhouse heat,” says President Doug Cole. “These new items were created in response to growers needing to start their houses later in the season.”

Varieties offered include two of the hottest series–Suntory’s Sun Parasol Mandevillas and Senetti. D.S. Cole Growers also has immediate availability on Princess Lily Alstroemerias and virus-free Cannas using the same pots being packed at 32 per tray.

“If potted by late February, the Senettis will easily make a Mother’s Day crop,” Cole says. “The Sun Parasols and Princess Lilies will make a mid-May crop.

“Another feature of these three crops is they don’t demand high growing temperatures. Sun Parasols grow great in warm weather, but it is not a requirement. They are fine at typical spring growing temperatures. Senettis and Princess Lilies both need to grow below 60°F for a high quality product. Senetti and Princess Lilies can be grown in the 40s if needed, but the 50s are preferred.”

For more information, visit www.dscolegrowers.com.