Raker Latest On MPS-ABC Mission

Raker Latest On MPS-ABC Mission

C. Raker & Sons is another new participant to the MPS-ABC sustainable certification program. 

Paul Karlovich, general manager of C. Raker & Sons is looking forward to using the MPS program to better understand how Raker compares to other growers, including European growers.


“Although we have done a lot to make our business more sustainable over the years, the MPS-ABC program will validate how we compare and challenge us to continue to improve,” Karlovich says. “A third-party certification gives us an unbiased review of our operations, and I particularly like the fact that MPS began as a program for floriculture growers, specific for our industry.”

Karlovich and his team began the MPS program last fall. With the help of an MPS regional coordinator, the business has registered its use of energy, water, fertilizers and crop protection agents. Raker has also been documenting the recycling efforts it has been participating in.

The MPS-ABC program is the foundation program within MPS for growers. Other certification programs available once the ABC certification is completed.