Blackmore Introduces New Ellepot Trays

Blackmore Introduces New Ellepot Trays

The Blackmore Company unveiled two new products Thursday: 30-millimeter and 90-millimeter trays for Ellepots and Jumbo Ellepots, respectively.


The Ellepot trays are 3 x 25 strip trays designed to accept 30-millimeter Ellepots. The tray has fluted cell walls for extra strength and staggered cells that allow nesting for shipment when empty, yet prevent compression of media when filled trays are stacked. A special bottom design allows Ellepots to be easily popped out of cells.

The newest trays for Jumbo Ellepots, meanwhile, are ideal for landscapers. The 90-millimeter Jumbo Ellepots plant up to twice as fast as plastic pots because plants don’t need to be removed from pots. There are no plastic pots to pick up at the end of a planting job, either.

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