CowPots Come In 3 New Sizes

CowPots, seed starter pots made from composted cow manure fibers, has added three new sizes to its offerings for commercial growers. The new 3-inch round, 7-inch square, and 12-inch square pots are a result of customer requests.

“Our commercial customers have asked us to add a 3-inch round pot to complement our 3-inch square pot because some greenhouses and nurseries prefer round over square,” says Matthew Freund, farmer owner of CowPots. “The larger 7-inch and 12-inch pots allow for bulb planters, larger plants such as garden mums, and combos/mixed containers.”


As with all CowPots, the new sizes will stand up in a commercial nursery for more than 12 weeks once filled. They will quickly degrade once planted in the ground, releasing nitrogen into the soil to aid plant growth. Because the pots are made completely from composted manure, they encourage extensive, unrestricted root growth.

“Our 7-inch pot is already being used by Bloomakers for their All-in-One Garden and is on the shelves in such retailers as Home Depot, Wegmens and Costco,” Freund says. “As customers increase their demands for green gardening solutions, we hope that commercial growers will see the benefits and add to their profit by using our new CowPot sizes.”