4 New Ways To Automate Your Operation

4 New Ways To Automate Your Operation

These new automation products can help streamline labor-intensive tasks, saving time and labor and increasing productivity.



EZ Cut Trimmer

EZ Cut Trimmer (AgriNomix)

This adjustable, over-the-ground, walk-along trimmer is one of the most popular labor savers from AgriNomix. Powerful and precise, the EZ Cut Trimmer trims or mows beds, requiring just two workers, with uniform results. A durable, lightweight telescoping frame adjusts from 5- to 10-feet to fit multiple bed widths. Plus, an exclusive blower-and-bag collection system captures all clippings to keep them off of plants and out of beds, while promoting the re-use of clippings as cuttings.

Venti 004 Trimmer (AgriNomix)

The Venti 004 Trimmer can tackle specialized crops like hydrangea and makes other trimming jobs a breeze. It brings a host of measurable benefits to the production area, including significant cost savings on labor. Immediate mobile deployment allows for opportune crop timing and uniform-looking results that please retailers. The Venti 044 features variable overhead suction, directed air flow from below, scissor speed and throughput; flexibility for both young and mature plants; and the ability to produce undamaged cuttings for reclamation.

MTZ hanging basket_FormFlex

MTZ Hanging Basket

MTZ Hanging Basket System (FormFlex Automation)

The MTZ Hanging Basket System can help save on time and labor. It can adapt to various irrigation systems and be programmed to function automatically. One motor can power up to 1,600 feet of track, and the system can make 90-degree and 180-degree turns. It also features a raise and loading unit for loading and unloading.





Harvest Automation HV-100

HV-100 robot

Robot Rental Program (Harvest Automation)

Harvest Automation has extended its Introductory Robot Rental Program. The offer includes four HV-100 robots for three months, at a cost of $15,000. HV-100 robots are helping growers get quality work done when and where they need it. Finding workers to do plant spacing has become more difficult in the nursery and greenhouse industry. HV-100 robots can eliminate this concern by allowing operations to streamline their spacing, collection and consolidation tasks and increase their productive capacity.