Beekenkamp’s Production Expansion Kicks Into High Gear

Beekenkamp’s Production Expansion Kicks Into High Gear

Beekenkamp ExpansionGrower customers of Beekenkamp will be happy to know that the planned construction of the company’s new propagation facility in the Netherlands is moving along faster than expected.

Last May, Beekenkamp announced the second phase of its new propagation facility that was started in ‘s-Gravenzande. Now, thanks to the need for extra space for young plant cultivation, which also requires more intense care, the process had to be accelerated. The project now looks like it will be completed by the beginning of 2018, up from the previous estimate of May 2018.


According to a statement from the company, as Beekenkamp grows, so does the need for extra greenhouse space. After a 6-hectare greenhouse was completed earlier this year, the company started quickly on the second phase of the project. During this phase, another 3-hectare greenhouse is being built, and Beekenkamp expects to plant young vegetable plants in the beginning of 2018.

The glasshouse foundation is done, and deep pipelines were dug for irrigation, heating, and lighting cables. Recently, Havecon started with the steel construction of the 27,000 square-meter glasshouse. The structure is equipped with modern wastewater treatment facilities to allow for recirculation of 99% of the water used within the company.

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