Heating Up Your Place

Heating Up Your Place

Heating Up Your Place

Automated Ash Removal


Bio-Fuel Technologies:
The chain grate multi-fuel boiler turns existing waste into heat and reduces or eliminates fuel costs. Various sizes and types of fuels can be transferred through the system and burned in the boiler. Low maintenance is required, the boiler features automated control and it burns most dry organic wastes like corn cobs, flax shrive and rice hulls.

Saving On Energy

Total Energy Group:
Holland Heaters are efficient, direct-fired units. Due to their clean burning, all heat can be sent directly into the greenhouse. There’s no need to use a chimney or exhaust stack, and the largest unit available has a capacity of 440,000 BTU. The heater has an air throw of 150 feet, and it can be hung directly from trusses.

Custom Engineered

Hamilton Engineering:
Pre-plumbed packages come complete with all the piping needed for system assembly. Pre-plumbing avoids the problems and delays associated with custom-fitted plumbing, and assures the highest quality all-copper installation. The unions and flanges are color-coded and a typical installation takes less than an hour.

Stainless Steel Design

Hanil Heaters:
The HI-200 propane- and diesel-fueled indirect forced air heaters both
provide two-stage overheat protection, stainless steel construction with heavy-duty aluminum fans and the option of either front or side heat outlets that are capable of heating 30,000 square feet. Customized models are available upon request.

Even Heating

TrueLeaf Technologies:
DuoFin provides even heating across the width of the greenhouse and gentle heat from below the crop. Its unique tapered fin design delivers a combination of convective and radiant heating quietly and efficiently. DuoFin can be applied under benches or along perimeters, cut flower rows
or gutter lines.

Clean Burning

Advanced Recycling Equipment:
Challenger biomass combustion systems reduce or even eliminate energy disposal costs through the combustion of renewable fuel sources. Systems create a totally “green” environment with zero negative effects on the environment by burning fuels that are organic.