New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Unique Fungicide


Cease fights both fungal and bacterial pathogens, and it provides plant and environmental safety with a four-hour re-entry interval. Cease controls disease using multi-site modes of action for resistance management. The National Organic Program approved Cease for use in organic production.

Better Protection
Fine Americas:

“Improving Plant Quality In Annuals And Perennials With Concise” is a 44-page color guide edited by Virginia Tech’s Joyce Latimer and North Carolina State’s Brian Whipker. Michigan State Extension specialist Erik Runkle provided input for the publication, which provides guidelines on Concise applications for a variety of plants.

Plants With Style
Hort Couture:

The Haute Tote is a fashionable plant sleeve that has a handbag-style look. Haute Totes come in cases of 250 sleeves, and its design fits 6- to 8-inch pots.

Dynamic Packaging
Landmark Plastic:

Thermoformed nursery trade gallon pots have in-rim tag slots, 12 large, bi-level drainage holes and large surfaces for printing and labeling. Pots are composed of polypropylene material and contain extra rigid lip for increased durability. They’re available in co-ex colors.

Basket Simplification

The Slimline EZ Close weight has a streamlined shape that’s easy to withdraw from hanging baskets without causing damage to plants. The weight is heavier for secure placement in a basket, and it attaches securely to polyethylene tubing. It also has a simple, one-handed close-off feature.

Monitoring Plant Health
Spectrum Technologies:

Handheld Field Scout light meters measure the energy that drives plant growth, including UV radiation, photosynthetically active radiation or light levels in foot-candles.

Extra Iron
J.R. Peters, Inc.:

Jack’s Professional Petunia FeED 20-3-19 Plug Mg is formulated for iron-hungry crops like petunia, calibrachoa and bacopa. It contains double the iron found in typical peat-lite formulations and additional magnesium for optimal crop performance. Petunia FeEd is available in 25-pound bags.