Get More Out of Your Greenhouse Crop Protection Applications

Dramm corporation TurboULVDramm’s new TurboULV Coldfogger PulsFOG is a directed, low-volume sprayer that produces a turbulent plume of fog that evenly covers surfaces with very fine droplets. Using a high-performance turbine blower, the TurboULV atomizes and propels the fog up to 75 feet. The unit includes a spray wand connected to the blower via a flexible air-line. This allows for easy aiming of the spray.

The unit includes several dosing nozzle sizes so that the flow rate and particle size can be adjusted for different application needs. A 5-liter tank carries enough solution for up to 20,000 square feet of coverage at the finest particle size. The TurboULV is powered by a 110v motor.


The TurboULV is designed for directed sprays of insecticides and fungicides into plant canopies or surface application of disinfectants. The forceful blower and fine droplet size provides coverage in the most difficult situations.

Dramm-MIST-TIMEUpdated Programming for MistTime10 Misting Controller

Dramm has also updated its MistTime10 misting controller to include a manual cycle that can be run anytime a grower feels an extra shot of mist is required.

The new program allows the operator to elect to run a single, manual cycle of any valve, using the preprogrammed timer. Once the single cycle has run, the controller will revert back to its previous program and continue to operate as normal.

The update also adds both Spanish and French language programming so that different operators can use the controller in their native language. Manuals in both Spanish and French are available.

The new update comes installed on all new MistTime10 controllers and is free to download for all current owners of the controller. Installation instructions and software updates are available.

Learn more about each of these developments on the Dramm website.