How You Can Run Your Business More Efficiently with LED Solutions


Iwasaki Bros., Inc., one of the largest wholesale growers of ornamental plants in the Northwest U.S., was an early adopter of Philips GreenPower LED toplighting on a large-scale growing area of more than 27,000 square feet. According to Owner and General Manager Jim Iwasaki, the company has shortened its crop cycle by up to three weeks. Photo credit: Philips Lighting

There is no better time to look at the impact LED lighting applications can offer. Horticulture LED systems have come a long way, and they are making a big splash right now due to the advancement in technology and the cost barrier being lowered.


Here are three factors that can help you become even more efficient with how you might incorporate an LED system into your operation.

  1. LED systems use less energy to deliver the same amount of light as traditional lighting. Reducing operational costs in a business is always a good idea, even when it comes with an investment. Make sure you work with a company that has quality, energy-efficient products backed by good warranties and support. Also, you should choose an LED lighting provider that can provide a TCO calculation (Total Cost of Ownership). This will allow visibility on how soon the investment will pay for itself, and aid the business in making the decision on investing.

2. Whether the business produces young plants, finish plants, or fresh fruits and vegetables, custom LED applications can and will aid in yield of crops. With custom light plans and spectrums, LED systems have the ability of delivering specific light intensities and photosynthetic light to the crop canopy. With the correct photosynthetic light, rooting, seed germination, flowering, and fruit development can all increase, making even a great grower more efficient.

3.  Quality is the life blood of a business, and implementing LED solutions into a greenhouse can help you literally see things in a different light, no pun intended. The crops are now receiving the perfect quantity and quality of light, and have better branching, roots, flowering, fruit development, and even shelf life. You should work with an LED solutions provider that can support you through this transitional phase of adopting new technology.