Innovations In Irrigation

Innovations In Irrigation

Need help improving your irrigation? Check out these new products.



Irrigation and water conservation (Aquamat)Irrigation And Water Conservation System (Aquamat)

This capillary irrigation-mat system is designed for the cultivation of plants in containers. In comparison to conventional irrigation systems, Aquamat captures the water and stores it inside the mat. One advantage of the system is that plants of different sizes and water requirements can be placed on the same mat to meet different water needs, and the capillary mats can be easily moved from one production site to another.



EcoSol (Zwart Systems)EcoSol (Zwart Systems)

EcoSol is designed to create an electrolyzed, chemically activated solution, which provides a safe and environmentally friendly, potassium chloride based, chlorine-free oxidizer.

A concentrated solution is produced by the EcoSol unit on site as required. Growers can inject the solution into their irrigation or drain water to treat bacterial and fungal diseases. It is also effective in removing bio-films that build up in the watering system. Stronger concentrations can be used for greenhouse surface sanitation.