ISO Group Debuting New Cutting and Transplanting Machine at IPM Essen

ISO-Group-New-MachineThe ISO Group is unveiling a new sticking machine, a combination of its ISO Cutting Planter 2500 (automatic cutting planter machine) and ISO Vision Planter (transplanter), during the World Trade Fair for Horticulture at IPM in Essen, Germany, this week.

Globally, more than 80 ISO Cutting Planter 2500 machines are being used in the field. Because many growers have a limited season for sticking cuttings, ISO Group wanted to developed a machine that also has the ability to transplant rooted cuttings or liners


Through an easily interchangeable head, it is possible to use the machine as a transplanting machine after the cutting planting season.

Because the gripper head is interchangeable, it is also possible to process different-sized plants and different tray and pot sizes. For example, in consultation with the ISO Group, it is possible to design one or more heads with 1, 2, or multiple grippers, which, depending on plant and pot size, can ensure the right plant handling and speed. Because of this, the machine can be used for a longer period of time, in multiple seasons, and for multiple plant varieties.

The ISO Group will present the machine at IPM Essen and explain its possibilities for the handling of different plants. Besides the ISO Cutting and Transplanter, the ISO Cutting Planter 2500 will also be on display. The ISO Cutting Planter 2500 makes it possible to carry out cutting planting automatically. Since its debut in 2016, it has been implemented at several grower locations worldwide and is capable of planting many types of cuttings automatically.