LumiGrow Introduces TopLight LED Lighting System

LumiGrow TopLightLumiGrow Inc. has launched its newest wirelessly controllable LED lighting system for commercial greenhouse and indoor crop production. The LumiGrow TopLight is a versatile lighting solution built with various cost-saving optimizations, including a high photon flux (PPF) of 1,440 micromoles per second (μmol/s), IP-67 rating, passive thermal management, versatile mounting options based on crop application, easy installation using quick-connect assembly, and wireless control functionality.

The LumiGrow TopLight is a LED fixture comprised of two light bars powered by one TopLight Node, the industry’s first intelligent three-channel power supply. Each TopLight Node comes with ports for plugging in LumiGrow wireless control modules and light sensors for precision light management enabled by LumiGrow smartPAR control software.


“Increasing crop yield, improving quality, and speeding up crop turn times are profitable production efficiencies readily improved using light,” says LumiGrow Vice President of Research, Dr. Melanie Yelton. “The key for commercial growers to realize when seeing these benefits isn’t that LED lighting simply achieves improvements in growth, but how to deploy light in a way that makes the most sense economically for their business. We’ve designed our TopLight with an adjustable light spectrum and dimmability when controlling your fixtures through our smartPAR Lighting Control Software.”

Available in two spectrum options, the LumiGrow TopLight comes with either a targeted or hybrid LED array. Targeted spectrum customers take advantage of the industry’s most advanced adjustable spectrum, offering adequate broad spectrum for healthy plant development while putting energy into the red and blue PAR ranges to drive robust photosynthetic growth. Hybrid spectrum growers receive a white-rich array for similar growth to HID spectrum fixtures, with some improvements to the red and blue PAR ranges.