Visser Adds Multi Media Strip to AutoStix Functionality

AutoStix Multi Media StripEarlier this year at IPM Essen 2019, Visser Horti Systems and Selecta One introduced the Multi Media strip for AutoStix for the European market. The plugs of this unique strip can be filled with any type of media, which means the rooting process can take place inside the plug. The developments of AutoStix with the new Multi Media strip are open source, which means the strip is available to all AutoStix users.

At this week’s GreenTech event, Visser announced that the AutoStix is now even more functional: it can provide automation with pot fillers.


The Multi Media strip contains 34 modules, and like any other AutoStix strip, it is made of fully biodegradable material. Visser recently developed a new six-gripper machine for AutoStix which can reach a capacity of up to 13.500 cuttings per hour. The machine can be connected to a pot filler directly, which makes the process of automatic cutting transplanting in pots more efficient.

Together with Ball Horticultural Company, Visser developed the Multi Media strip for AutoStix. The strips are filled with media, which is followed by the insertion of small holes and shipment to offshore production locations. The strips are wettened and cuttings can then be transplanted into the new strip.

New Tray for Multi Media Strips

In addition to the Multi Media strip, a growing tray can be provided to store 15 Multi Media strips. The tray is designed so that Multi Media strips fit in perfectly and can be transported in a convenient way. The strips are filled with media inside the trays. The new tray is made of polystyrene and is UV-resistant.