WaterPulse Introduces New Pallet Watering Mat

WaterPulse-Pallet-MatWaterPulse has introduced a new Pallet Watering Mat that is designed to help greenhouse growers and retailers efficiently water plants grown, shipped, and displayed on standard pallets.

“Pallet Watering Mats reimagine our capillary action technology, giving growers and retailers the power to automatically, easily, and economically water their plants by the pallet,” says Jim Heffernan, CEO of WaterPulse. “They’re still saving water and reducing labor, now with the flexibility of impacting every corner of their business model.”


Designed to be simple to use and install, with no cutting required, Pallet Watering Mats have a rubber edge to keep the water in and prevent water runoff. They have a hard plastic rigid liner inside to prevent drooping. Growers can use them in greenhouses, nurseries, garden centers, and indoor growing operations. Simply place the Pallet Watering Mat on a pallet, fill it with plants, then water to the edge.

Like WaterPulse’s Watering Mats, Pallet Watering Mats take advantage of the natural capillary action of soil to deliver both water and nutrients uniformly, for healthier, more consistent, more attractive plants. A unique anti-microbial middle layer deters disease, controls algae growth, and reduces the possibility of mold or odor. WaterPulse mats deliver uniform watering and reduced plant upkeep, which translates to lower water and labor costs.

Watch a video on how the Pallet Watering Mats work here.