Metrolina Greenhouses Has Finalized Its Purchase Of Stacy’s Greenhouses

Metrolina Greenhouses Has Finalized Its Purchase Of Stacy’s Greenhouses


The team of Stacy’s employees, based in York, S.C., will transfer over to the Metrolina family of companies, based in Huntersville, N.C. According to the release, Metrolina’s goal is to have a role for each qualified employee in the new organization, with the same, combined staff size as it has today, filling in gaps as needed.


“We will continue the core business operations and staffing at all the growing locations in North and South Carolina. We will invest capital in the business to get it growing again. We will innovate both the processes at Stacy’s and the product offerings from Stacy’s. We will learn from Stacy’s and apply it to the current business we have. We will respect each individual and their contribution in the process. These are fundamental principles we will honor during this transition process.”

The official sale closing was Friday, August 30, and the transition team, led by Metrolina CFO Mike Colitti, has already begun the process of transferring employees over the weekend. Metrolina stated it will share its longer-term business plans in October. Meanwhile, it’s main goals for the first 10 weeks of the transition period are to transfer employees, execute fall business and get spring business produced.

“By making the business grow again, we will be able to honor and extend the business legacy of Mr. Stacy as he and our founder, Tom VanWingerden, were both pioneers in this industry, who worked together on many projects over the years,” says Abe VanWingerden, co-CEO. “Our goal is to follow in those footsteps and make both companies stronger in the future.

“We are happy this part of the process is now complete, but it is not the end of the Stacy’s story, it is merely an exciting, new chapter. As part of Metrolina’s continuing expansion, the asset acquisition of Stacy’s improves our business growth as we continue with our 2025 long-term plans. Stacy’s perennial business is a natural addition to our current product lineup as we continue to provide new and innovative solutions and concepts for our retail partners to drive business growth.”

With fiscal year 2013 sales of $146 million, Metrolina Greenhouses serves approximately 1,000 retail outlets annually with its live goods product mix.

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