2016 Oklahoma State University Field Trials Results

2016 Oklahoma State University Field Trials Results

The weather was more moderate than in past summers during the field trials at Oklahoma State University (OSU). The sun trials were planted in an alternative location this year that was not previously used for flowers, but which worked out well, says Haldor Howard, Trial Manager and Associate Professor of Horticulture for OSU. The trials had approximately 90 entries. Chewing damage on the petunias was the biggest challenge.

Best Of Show


Celosia ‘Asian Garden’
Ornamental Pepper ‘Sedona Sun’
Vinca (Catharanthus) ‘Titan Really Red’
Salvia ‘Summer Jewel Lavender’

Top Performers

Gaillardia ‘Mesa Red’
Agastache ‘Arizona Sun’
Salvia ‘Summer Jewel Red’
Salvia ‘Summer Jewel White’
Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit’
Petunia ‘Opera Supreme Lilac’
Begonia ‘Monza White’
Begonia ‘Megawatt Rose Green Leaf’
Begonia ‘Megawatt Pink Bronze Leaf’
Begonia ‘Megawatt Red Green Leaf’