Fabulous Foliage

Fabulous Foliage

Fabulous Foliage

Fort Lauderdale, Fla., becomes the fashion runway for tropical foliage plants each January, when new varieties and interiorscaping concepts make their debut at the Tropical Plant Industry Expo (TPIE). The theme of this year’s event is “Tag It Tropical,” Jan. 15-17 at the Broward County Convention Center. Check out the following varieties and many more at the show. For more information about the show, visit www.tpie.org.


Corn. Bak B.V.

Dutch breeder Corn. Bak B.V. has introduced three new guzmania varieties that fit together as a series. Plants are fast-growing and suitable for 4-inch pots.

‘Ritmo’ (top) has an orange star-shaped inflorescence and is a welcome addition to the current assortment.

‘Tinto’ (middle) has a bordeaux red star-shaped inflorescence, bringing a new color to the collection.

‘Glossita’ (bottom) has a salmon-colored, star-shaped inflorescence.

Florica Farms

Florida grower Florica Farms has introduced two new dracaenas. ‘Art’ is similar to the old standby, ‘Janet Craig,’ but has a 1-cm gold stripe running along the leaf margins. The leaves are glossier, thicker, more ribbed and at tighter internodes than ‘Janet Craig.’ ‘Art’ maintains its variegation in low footcandle environments indoors.

Dracaena ‘Ulises’ is similar to dracaena ‘Warneckii,’ but has thicker, stronger leaves that are streaked with dark-green, silver and light-green foliage. It also maintains its variegation in low footcandle environments indoors.
The latest addition to the Kaleidoscope cordyline series is ‘Sunrise.’ Plants offer striking, vibrant colors and upright foliage. Plants are low maintenance and hardy to Zone 7, making them a favorite for interior plantings, gardens, patios and landscapes.
‘Striking’ is the latest addition to the Siam curcuma series. Customers will love the dark pink flowers, rich florescence and excellent shooting. Ideal for 6-inch pots, plants finish in 14-15 weeks.
A delightful new addition full of holiday promotional possibilities is ‘Candy Cane’ in the Siam caladium series. ‘Candy Cane’ has red-hued veins on a backdrop of whites and greens. It’s versatile as an indoor potted plant, but also makes an excellent bedding and container plant. Plants reach up to 32 inches tall in ideal growing conditions.
Also known as the “devil’s backbone,” Pedilanthus variegatus is a green and white variegated foliage plant that grows well in the landscape or as an interior plant. Hardy in Zones 9-11, it grows best in part sun or shade and will perform in a reduced watering regimen.
Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, Inc.
Dracaena ‘Hawaiian Sunshine’ offers a beautiful, consistent variegation pattern similar to Dracaena massangeana, but with superior interior durability, smaller leaf size, darker green leaves and variegation retention. It is a stable sport of dracaena ‘Lisa.’ Dark green and chartreuse leaves provide a clean, sharp look with elegant, downward-curving leaves.
Plants retain color in interior conditions and accept versatile light conditions from full sun to shade. Overall plant size is more manageable and plants root easily and establish well in 6-inch to 20-gallon pots. Plants perform well as single or multi-cane finished products.
Oglesby Plants International
Brighten up your dieffenbachia production with a new hybrid from Oglesby called ‘Splash.’ It has a familiar variegation pattern on a larger plant, which allows growers more pot size flexibility than the smaller varieties. ‘Splash’ is a fast-growing, upright variety with a good branching habit that is suitable for 6-, 8- and 10-inch containers.
If you are looking for long lasting color for the interior or tropical landscape, neoregelia is a great choice. Unlike other bromeliads, the leaves of neoregelia develop vivid colors before their natural bloom cycle, giving the consumer extended beauty and value. Six months of color or more is not unusual. Plants are very low maintenance and virtually disease free with low water requirements. ‘Magali’ is one of four new neoregelia varieties from Oglesby.