Highlights From the Second Annual New Blooms Event in Canada

New Blooms Event New Blooms for Canadian Nurseries and Retailers hosted its second annual event on Thursday, July 18, at Deb’s Greenhouse in Morinville, AB, Canada. More than 75 independent growers, retailers, and Canadian broker representatives from Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan attended the second-annual event that was focused on new plant varieties, market trends, and growing culture. Speakers at this year’s event included Chris Berg of BlueSkye Creative; Rick Rabb of Dümmen Orange; Robert Bett of PlantHaven International; Diane Blazek from All America Selections; and Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza from the Alberta Education and Extension office.

In addition to a full day of educational seminars, attendees were presented with a greenhouse trial of more than 300 plants grown out by Michiel Verheul at High Q Greenhouses under local conditions for the Edmonton area. Trials included new and best-performing genetics from Dümmen Orange, PlantHaven International, All America Selections winners, and various succulents and combination designs offered by High Q Greenhouses and Deb’s Greenhouse. The SunStanding Jazzy series was voted the top favorite by attendees, with the new and exciting variegated foliage on fully sun-tolerant hybrid impatiens. Other top picks included the new Main Street Beale Street Coleus from Dümmen Orange and the Tall, Dark and Handsome geraniums from PlantHaven International.


“This is such an important event for our market,” says Deb Foisy, Owner of Deb’s Greenhouse. “These independent growers and retailers find tremendous value in getting a sneak peek at the newest plant varieties, and more importantly, seeing how they perform under local conditions.” The event also provided attendees market trends for North American consumers and a cultural clinic focusing on plant issues specific to this growing area and climate.

The third annual New Blooms event will take place on July 16, 2020.