New Blooms for Canadian Growers Event a First-Year Success

New Blooms for Canadian Growers Event a First-Year Success

Deb’s Greenhouse in Morinville, AB, Canada, hosted the first New Blooms for Canadian Growers and Retailers event on Thursday, July 5. The full-day event was attended by 96 growers, retailers, and plant brokers from Western Canada.

The two part-event included a plant trial grown out by High Q Greenhouses in Alberta, as well as a schedule of presentations from breeding companies Elsner PAC, Florist Holland, PlantHaven International, Vegetalis, and Westhoff, as well as presentations from unrooted cutting producer Vivero Internacional.


The plant trials grown out by High Q Greenhouses included hundreds of containers grown as a true row trial of varieties showcasing natural plant habits and flower power. Attendees were asked to rate each variety through the trial. A few of the top contenders were Lobelia ‘Hot Waterblue,’ Calibrachoa ‘Chameleon Sunshine Berry,’ Petunia ‘Crazytunia Cosmic Purple,’ Cucumber ‘Petipikel,’ and Dianthus ‘Georgia Peach Pie.’

“The 2018 New Blooms was an excellent grassroots event and provided a leg up to the many growers who attended,” says Geoff Wood of Ball Seed, one of the event’s many attendees. “Growers got to actually see locally grown 2019 new variety samples, as well as interact in person with the breeder product representatives. This hopefully is just the start of an annual event based in Alberta supported by growers.”

Check out the slideshow above for a look at some of the highlights.