Hot New Potted Plants And Tropicals From 2013 California Spring Trials

Hot New Potted Plants And Tropicals From 2013 California Spring Trials

Lilium 'Jumping Joy'

Each stop at Spring Trials offers exciting new plants and products and this year, that included a lot of new potted plants and tropicals varieties. Take a look at some of these unique new varieties you can put into next year’s program.



Stachys ‘Bella Grigio’ (Fides Oro)


‘Bella Grigio’s long, soft, nearly white leaves make a dramatic statement in a large combination planter. Bred by Bartels Stek, it is hardy to Zone 6, is fast-growing and holds up well in the rain and weather.

Cassia didymobotrya Popcorn Plant (Plant Source International)


The leaves, when brushed, smell just like buttered popcorn. The flowers are an eye-catching yellow spike that has a dark brownish-black tip. It’s a shrub that thrives in heat and is drought tolerant.

Gerbera ‘Patio Volcano’ (Florist Holland)


The Patio series finishes in just 16 to 17 weeks. They have strong stems and abundant, very large flowers. ‘Volcano’ (pictured), ‘Karoo’ and ‘Grand Canyon’ are new for 2014.

Lilium Joy Series (Flamingo Holland)


Joy is a new lily series that offers short, medium and tall varieties for landscape and pot culture. Production techniques are straightforward and the nine colors include ‘Jumping Joy.’

Tradescantia ‘Athena Marlene’ (Athena Brazil)


Slate-gray, slightly fuzzy leaves make this a beautiful landscape or container plant. The foliage contrasts well with most other flower colors.

Begonia elatior ‘Vermilion Red’ (Beekenkamp)


‘Vermilion Red’ is an excellent flowering potted plant and is heat-tolerant in the landscape as well. The bright red flowers last until frost.

Chrysanthemum ‘Hilo Tangerine’ (Syngenta Yoder)


Two new bold colors join the Hilo mum series. ‘Hilo Tangerine’ is a bright, glowing orange with a greenish center surrounded by a yellow halo. ‘Hilo Fuchsia’ is a vibrant pink. The Hilo series is used in Yoder’s Living Bouquet combinations.

Colocasia ‘Morning Dew’ (Plant Haven)


This striking new cultivar features dark stems streaked with light green and attractive variegated light-and-dark green foliage.

Kalanchoe ‘Roseflowers Phoebe’ (Greenex)


Bred for color and shipability, ‘Roseflowers Phoebe’ is a member of Greenex’s Q2 line, which is ethylene resistant and has excellent shelf-life at retail in addition to bright, clear colors. ‘Phoebe’ has double, bright-orange flowers.

Acalypha ‘Jungle Cloak’ (HortCouture)


This plant has enough foliage interest to stand on its own, but it is also nice in combinations. The leaves look like they have been painted in shades of red, bronze and many shades of green.

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Bobo’ (Proven Winners


A compact, 3- to 4- foot shrub, ‘Bobo’ is completely engulfed in flowers at bloom time. Flowers are creamy white, turning pinkish as they age. Winner of the Gold Florall award for Best Novelty Plant, ‘Bobo’ is ideal for small gardens.

Pericallis Todaisy Series (Pacific Plug & Liner)


Todaisy varieties are vigorous and compact, requiring less pinching and PGR use. The series is available in three colors for 2014, with many more coming.

Cyclamen Rocolina Series (Verinova)


The first truly ruffled mid-sized cyclamen series features eight colors. It is eye-catching in 6- to 8-inch pots.

Lophospermum Lofos Compact Series (Suntory)


The new compact version of the Lofos series is easy to grow and maintain, and is naturally resistant to disease and insects. They make a stunning hanging basket sure to attract consumer attention. Two colors are available: White and Rose.

Dahlia ‘Dalaya Yogi’ (Selecta)


Winner of the Fleuroselect Award last year, ‘Yogi’ is one of two new members of the Dalaya series, which is designed for garden and patio planting. Dalaya varieties are repeat blooming and mildew-resistant. ‘Shari’ is a new orange-yellow color.

Freesia ‘Pink Passion’ (Flamingo Holland)


Freesia ‘Pink Passion’ (Flamingo Holland) P
A new genetically shorter freesia with bright pink flowers, ‘Pink Passion’ doesn’t discolor. Suitable for potted production or cut flowers.

Gerbera ‘Garvinea Sweet Dreams’ (Florist Holland)


The latest addition to the popular garden gerbera series, ‘Sweet Dreams’ is part of the Sweet line, which has medium-sized flowers and is designed for container planting. All members of this series bloom prolifically on strong, sturdy stems.