Spring Production Of Ilumina Scoparia

Spring Production Of Ilumina Scoparia

Ilumina Lemon Mist

Delightfully yellow and fragrant, scoparia ‘Ilumina Lemon Mist Improved’ produces an abundance of dainty, star-shaped blooms throughout the season from April through November. Scoparia is native to South America. Its sweet fragrance is an added bonus to stunning summer performance. Ilumina can be planted in pots, hanging baskets, window boxes and landscapes as a border plant. It’s also a much-needed contrasting yellow for combination plantings. Foliage is delicate and fine, allowing free air movement through it.


General Culture

Production is suited to spring, as plants love full sun, high light and can withstand high temperatures as plants mature in the summer. Rooted cuttings should be potted as soon as possible into 4-inch pots, using a well-drained peat/perlite mix with a pH between 6.0 and 6.5. Temperatures of the crop at this stage should be 66-72ËšF for the first couple weeks as roots develop. Then maintain temperatures of 65-75ËšF during the day and 55-60ËšF at night. Maintain high light levels to reduce stretching.
Water plants prior to wilting and allow the substrate to dry out between waterings to prevent root rot. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer supplemented by slow-release fertilizer.

Crop Timing

• 4-inch pots – eight to 10 weeks with one liner and no pinching
• 6-inch pots – 10-12 weeks with two liners and two pinches
• 10-inch baskets – 14-18 weeks with one liner and two to three pinches

Pests & Diseases

Monitor plants for whiteflies, thrips and red spider mites. Prevent Botrytis, Powdery Mildew, Phytophthora and Pythium. Use a broad-spectrum fungicide drench after planting.