Suntory’s Blue Rose ‘Applause’ Now Available to U.S. Florists

Suntory’s Blue Rose ‘Applause’ Now Available to U.S. Florists

Suntory Blue Rose ApplauseA few years ago, Suntory introduced its new blue rose ‘Applause’ in North America. With nearly 100% blue-pigmented petals, blue rose Applause was the world’s first blue rose, a technically sophisticated flower with a delicate blue color.

Due to its hue of a dawn sky, with a refreshing scent, Applause captivated the international audience when it first went on sale in Tokyo in 2009. While it was introduced to the U.S. and Canada in 2011, early evaluations indicated it was more perishable.


So what’s happened since then? Applause has been tested and selected for North American market conditions, including supply chain rigors, vase life, etc. The original version had been on the market in Japan, but needed to be reselected to meet other market needs.

As a result of these efforts, florists in the U..S will have now have access to it for the first time. The announcement was made official at the Cut Flower Expo in Bogota, Columbia, in early October.

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