Software Solutions

Software Solutions

•  Direct-To-Store

Advanced Grower Solutions:

A browser-based software solution called Direct-to-Store (DTS) by Advanced Grower Solutions (AGS) is designed specifically for growers that sell directly to large national or regional retailers and controls all aspects of vendor-managed inventory. DTS takes the guesswork and time out of managing your supply chain by taking data used everyday in the back office and putting it where it’s needed most–in the hands of your sales team, store merchandisers and management. DTS does not replace your existing accounting or production system, but extracts and exposes critical data — putting information in the hands of decision makers. Growers track product in real-time as it leaves the dock, through delivery to the store. At the store, inventory deliveries are updated, waste is recorded and replenishment orders created.

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•  NiceLabel Pro

OnSyte Printing Systems, a division of Horticultural Marketing & Printing:

NiceLabel Pro is the eventual replacement for TagFast (LabelView), which has been used with OnSyte thermal printers for the last nine years. With the advent of laser, tag and label printing, software with greater graphic capability is a necessity. A true Windows application, NiceLabel offers:

- Powerful tag and label design features for graphics, bar codes and text with flexible design tools. Users can create a range of fixed and variable fields such as database, prompted values and serialized numbers.

- Comprehensive database support, including native text (ASCII and CSV), OLE DB and ODBC (Excel, Access and Oracle), and Borland Database Engine (dBase and Paradox).

- NiceLabel can be integrated with other programs, including POS applications, using “job files,” command lines or an ActiveX programming interface. NiceLabel drivers can be used from any standard Windows application. OnSyte’s OEM version of NiceLabel includes blank tag and label templates, horticultural clip art and a horticultural database.

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•  Tiger And Pocket Jill

Orange Enterprises:

Pocket Jill offers instant access to your operations database for better decision-making in the field. With the latest PDA cell phones and Pocket Jill, you can connect almost anywhere, updating the office with the latest activities including images, comments and measurements. Data collected in Pocket Jill is transferred to Tiger Jill, where reports can be generated, inventory depleted and invoices sent. Even electronic submission of pesticide usage can be completed.

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•  Activant Eagle

Activant Solutions:

The Activant Eagle solution includes a suite of accounting applications along with analytics and reporting products. With more than 200 new features, Activant Eagle for Windows 16 includes updates to point-of-sale and order management, the financial ledger, inventory management and analytics and reporting capabilities. The solution also includes a new document scanning application, which lets users scan paper documents to create electronic versions. Once scanned into the Eagle system, these electronic copies can be linked with transactions or other data files, such as linking a customer delivery ticket with an invoice or customer profile.

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