Lucas Greenhouses’ Joe Moore Is The Greenhouse Grower 2012 Head Grower Of The Year

Joe Moore

Joe Moore, Head Grower for 2009 Operation Of The Year winner Lucas Greenhouses, runs a clean, well-organized, high-quality and disciplined operation. His crops are always of the highest quality both in propagation and finished plant production. Moore and his team achieve this top quality by staying on the cutting edge of the best growing technical practices.

Moore is directly responsible for all growing decisions for 22 acres of heated space and 30 acres of outdoor growing. He delegates responsibility to 18 other growers and mentors them on all aspects of growing. He also is the head of production, overseeing about 100 people in all.

Moore leads the staff by example with a strong work ethic, personal integrity and a dynamic and enthusiastic approach to his daily work. His interactions with the staff always seem positive even when working through a problem.
“Joe has been with Lucas Grenhouses for more than 30 years. He is a part of all major decisions and, except for sales, runs the entire operation every day,” says owner George Lucas. “He understands what it takes to get where we are today, and I value his opinion very much.”

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