New Product: Fertilizer Features Unique Combo

New Product: Fertilizer Features Unique Combo

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies began production earlier this month on a new slow-release fertilizer called Crystal Green, which is renewable, applicable to nurseries and combines nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium.

Jib Zablocki, Ostara vice president of nutrient operations, says Crystal Green is the only renewable fertilizer that can be used in the same manner as widely-used monoammonium phosphate or coated products, with the added benefit of high levels of slow-release magnesium. Zablocki adds that there’s no need to change equipment or application methods because Crystal Green can be substituted for any existing phosphorus source.

“Its crystalline structure allows us to form a completely new chemistry for our industry,” Zablocki says. “Yet, unlike slow-release products, it is far more predictable as it is not affected by excessive moisture, bacteria and temperature changes. And its longevity is as reliable as coated products.

“Your plants will see the difference, and the environment will thank you for both what it’s made from and how it releases.”

The manufacturing of Crystal Green is unique, too.

“Compared to conventional fertilizer manufacturing, the production of Crystal Green is highly energy efficient and is produced without adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere,” says Abrary. “No other commercially available fertilizer has renewable and environmental safety attributes comparable to Crystal Green.”

Crystal Green’s benefits include slow release and ease of handling. Zablocki says the prill is a hard crystalline material suitable for broadcasting, top dressing or incorporation.

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