2 Examples Of Using Social Media To Its Fullest

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Sara Tambascio

Fiskars Fisk-A-Teers

Fiskars has enlisted some of its biggest fans to serve as brand ambassadors, in its Fisk-A-Teers social brand. Fiskars says it hopes to open the lines of communication with the people who use their crafting products. “We want to know about being a crafter/mom/working woman, and what you like about us and what you don’t,” the site says. “We can take it. Promise.”

Included under the Fisk-A-Teers program is a message board, gallery of user-submitted images, a blog that includes YouTube video tutorials on craft projects. There’s also a resource center where users can download graphics for scrapbooking and icons users can place on their blogs and websites that brand them as Fisk-A-Teers. Explore what it’s all about at Fiskateers.com/blog.

Well-Pict Berries On Facebook

The Well-Pict Berries Facebook page is a home base for all of its social network channels–Twitter, videos, photos, discussion boards and poll questions. Well-Pict Berries, a producer of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, populates its Facebook wall with images from shows like the Produce Marketing Association show, links to other websites’ recipes using strawberries and relationship-building conversations with consumers. The Well-Pict Twitter feed (@wellpictberries) promotes more recipes, along with retailers where the brand can be found–all ideas our industry can mirror.

Check out Well-Pict’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/WellPictBerries.

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