BioSafe Systems Offers Water Testing Services

BioSafe Systems Offers Water Testing Services

BioSafe Systems now offers water-testing services for horticultural irrigation water to help growers develop customized water treatment programs. By processing and examining samples, the BioSafe Systems lab can determine accurate species and counts for any pathogens or algae found in irrigation water.

BioSafe Systems’ in-house plant pathologist reviews the bacteria, fungi and algae results, and in collaboration with BioSafe Systems’ technical representatives, customizes a personalized water treatment program tailored to fight specific water quality and disease issues.

BioSafe Systems is offering three different water testing packages. A one-time service provides an accurate report of water issues, and a BioSafe Systems technical representative will develop a customized water treatment program.

With a three-month service package, growers receive an initial testing and customized program–plus two months of follow-up tests and results for tracking the customized plan’s progress.

The most complete water treatment service that BioSafe Systems offers is the comprehensive yearlong package. The program offers the initial testing and customized program, as well as monthly reports for an entire year.

For more information on water testing, contact Vijay Choppakatla at or (888) 273-3088.

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