Growing Green: New Products

Growing Green: New Products

Growing Green: New Products

Be Proactive


Dr. Earth:

Pro-Active Rose & Flower Insect Spray offers gardeners an effective alternative to chemical insecticide. The spray is a blend of essential oils and garlic extract. When used, it should last for weeks or longer. The ingredients interfere with the transmission of Octopamine signals through an insects body, which leads to toxicity, immobilization and, eventually, death of the insect.

Optimal Health

John & Bob’s:

Soil Optimizer produces deep green lush turf, healthy trees and shrubs and increased yields of fruits and vegetables. The optimizer combines the highest quality soluble concentrated Humus and mixes it with natural soil additives to create a synergy that maximizes the effectiveness of the ingredients. One six-pound bag will treat 2,000 square feet of soil.

Biodegradable Pots

Ecosource Home & Garden:

Ecosource has launched its third line of biodegradable pots, called COIR, made from coconut fibers. The pots offer organic texture juxtaposed with contemporary styling. The heaviest of the containers is just 5 pounds, making them easy to move around, and perfect for any outdoor space, especially balconies and rooftop gardens.

Bamboo Comfort

Magid Glove & Safety:

The Bamboo ROC gloves grip like iron and feel like bare hands. Bamboo fabric is breathable, cooler and more absorbent than cotton, and is antibacterial and deodorizing. With a 100 percent bamboo shell and a foam nitrile-coated palm for cushioned comfort and gripping power, the gloves offer a blend of style and comfort. They’re available in several sizes and colors.

Amending Soil


GrowStones are manufactured using 99 percent recycled bottles. They can serve as soil amendments for commercial and home gardeners or assist in hydroponic growing systems. GrowStones replace products created from strip-mined rocks, like pumice and perlite, and also give new life to what would otherwise be waste.

Sustainable Labels


MasterTag has introduced two new labels made with sustainable materials. The shape and design were developed to complement biodegradable pots. MasterTag will offer a stake label made of recycled and recyclable materials, and a new hanging tag, made from biodegradable plastic, has been developed to work with nursery, perennial and annual plant containers.

All-Natural Benefits


Bio-tone Starter Plus combines an all-natural plant food with a patented blend of naturally derived beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae fungi. Transplants planted with new Bio-tone Starter Plus develop larger roots quickly to better withstand the heat and drought stress.

Nutritional Tea

Merrill’s Poultry Compost:

Compost Tea, an organic, nutritionally rich, highly-concentrated liquid extract made by steeping aged compost in water, is another way to nourish and protect your plants. It’s easy to make and ready to go in just minutes for plants, vegetables, flowers or lawns.

Repelling Critters

Messina Wildlife:

Stopper is designed to repel deer, rabbits, squirrels and other pesky animals without causing harm or physical irritation. A full line of OMRI-certified repellents are available in ready-to-use spray-on bottles. Spray dries clear and works for 30 days without reapplication. Stopper repels by smell and taste and is a safe repellent option for spring.

Boosted Up


Plant Booster Plus inoculates soil with an array of essential microbial species that improve soil fertility and minimize nutrient loss through leaching. The fertilizer contains organic and natural ingredients, and it can be used at planting time and throughout a growing season. Improvements in soil and plant health are visible within 6-8 weeks.

Pest Deterrent

Natural Forces:

SucraShield targets soft-bodied insects and mites, including the glassy-wing sharp shooter and sweet potato whitefly on greenhouse or field-grown bedding plants and ornamental shrubs. Made from natural sugars and food-grade fatty acids, SucraShield acts fast and breaks down into environmentally friendly compounds when dried.

Natural Killer

Perfectly Natural:

Results of Perfectly Natural Weed ‘N Grass Killer are visible in less than an hour and normally achieved within 24 hours of application. The spray is available in 24-ounce spray bottles or in 1-gallon jugs with a hose and sprayer attachment. Weed ‘N Grass Killer works best on weeds and unwanted grasses like dandelions, clover, henbit, chickweed and bluegrasses.

Long-Term Nutrition

Growth Products:

Companion, an EPA-registered bio-fungicide containing Bacillus subtilis GB03 bacteria, is available in easy-to-use liquid and dry concentrate. It can be mixed into any potting soil before planting. It’s safe for use on all plant materials and requires no special handling or storage. Companion has a shelf life of more than two years.

Safe Solutions

Pharm Solutions Inc.:

Weed Pharm, a non-selective weed/grass killer with an active ingredient of 200 grain food grade vinegar, was recently EPA-registered. Recommended for the control of grassy weeds and unwanted grass, it can be directly sprayed to wet and undesirable weed foliage for spot treatment. It will be available in liter and gallon sizes and can be purchased in bulk.