May 4, 2012

Olson’s Greenhouse Uses Radio, Text Messages To Market

The best ideas are sometimes the ones someone else comes up with. But just because the original idea isn’t yours, it doesn’t mean you can’t execute the idea better. That’s the attitude Brian Lloyd, the vice president of sales and marketing at Olson’s Greenhouses, took when he further developed Containerfest, a one-day Home Depot event across stores in his region. Fred Meyer, a retail supermarket company and a Home Depot competitor, had been hosting a container planting event at its stores for years. Come early April, Fred Meyer customers would ritually line up with pots in hand and buy spring annuals that a grower vendor could plant into a beautiful spring container for them. Lloyd saw the demand Fred Meyer was creating. His goal was to create the same demand at Home Depot stores where consumers could purchase his plants. “There was always a long line for this, even if […]

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